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I support and unite my community by promoting peace, love and care.  I encourage them to motivate, uplift and empower each other over a cup of coffee.  I am confident that one strong individual empowered is the key to forming a strong family.  I know when I empower one person, I have succeeded in creating a role model and leader in the family.  As we rise up together as strong families, we succeed as powerful communities and become a country that leads and innovates as a global leader.  My goal is to empower one person at a time. As they succeed, I have not only impacted him/her, I have impacted the next three generations who are the future leaders. The foundation to a strong individual is good mental health and to achieve this I provide everyone with empowerment tools and skills during their journey.  That is the story of Coffee of Encouragement.


Mindset Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Author,

Humanitarian Advocate

I was inspired to create the COFFEE OF ENCOURAGEMENT PROJECT as I noticed gaps in the community.  I knew I had the experience, passion and inspiration to help my community.  My family and grandpa played an important role in empowering me with values and lessons to be an overcomer and I wanted to empower others. My love for God and family has inspired me to rise up, reach limits and to have a good solid foundation.

Encourage someone with a cup of coffee
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