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Human Trafficking - Canadian hotline - 1833 900 1010 24/7/365

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

If you think you might be a victim of human trafficking or think someone else maybe, we can help. Hotline Response Advocates are available 24/7/365 and support is available in over 200 languages. Everything you say is confidential. We are here to listen to you.

Human trafficking is the exploitation of human beings for gain. Trafficking exploitation can exist in many forms and usually entails victims being caused to provide sexual services or labor through force, coercion, deception and/or abuse of trust, power or authority. Human trafficking therefore results in substantial physical, psychological, and emotional trauma to the victims. They are held against their will. Some do not realize they are under bondage.

“Do not hesitate or be afraid to make the call. Do the right thing. You will thank yourself later.”

The hotline can connect callers to local service providers and/or emergency services in communities across Canada. The Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline is a confidential, multilingual service, operating 24/7 to connect victims and survivors with social services, law enforcement, and emergency services, as well as receive tips from the public.

The hotline uses a victim-centered approach when connecting human trafficking victims and survivors with local emergency, transition, and/or long-term supports and services across the country, as well as connecting callers to law enforcement where appropriate. All communication with the Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline is strictly confidential.

The Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline strives to abide by the highest ethical standards regarding confidentiality. All communication with the hotline are strictly confidential to the extent permitted by law.

The hotline does not release any identifying information about a caller, including to law enforcement or service providers, and will not confirm that a specific individual has/has not called the hotline, unless the caller provides the hotline with his/her explicit consent. The hotline will inform the appropriate law enforcement agencies of situations that reference the suspected abuse of a minor, potential harm to the caller or others, or situations where the hotline is required by law to report.

Callers to the hotline do not need to provide their name or any identifying details about their situation unless they are comfortable with doing so. If the caller wishes to report a tip anonymously, the hotline will protect the caller’s anonymity when sharing information about a potential trafficking case with appropriate authorities.

Calls to the Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline are not recorded. In rare circumstances, the hotline will use caller ID when it is believed that a caller is in imminent danger and this information is necessary to ensure their immediate safety.

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